Was really long...now, not so much

So I bought this super long, high waist opera/formal/black tie/"insert-reason-for-needing-a-skirt-this-long-and-stiff-here" skirt from the thrift store a little bit ago, and I had been eyeballing it trying to figure out how to make it wearable in my actual everyday life!

Simply stated, I hacked off the bottom, (okay, not hacked, but lovingly trimmed) to just above my knee, and hemmed it. Voila! A "fits me like a glove" high waisted pencil skirt! I'm especially excited about this refashion because the others I've come across have been ill-constructed, too short or made from some weird fabric I'd never wear. So YAY me for pulling it off!

More to come,

Madam B.Fly



wow ....looks great. I am yet to take the pledge but I am trying to talk myself into it :)) nothing new for a set time for me is hard! ...lol

Madam b.Fly said...

I had a hard time with it for a sec, bt I think that it applies to clothes and accesories, not shoes and undies. If it does, I'm gonna be using that Get Out of Refashionista Jail Free card real soon!

Queen said...

love the update. that's exactly what i meant.

Anonymous said...

OOOHHH WEEE!!! Super cute! I love it - you got mad skills! And I love that you have committed to writing consistently - thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

So tight! I love it! AND I love that you are writing consistently - you are inspiring - cause my little landing spot is frequently neglected!