A Band-aid on a nightmare...

I've been pulling my hair out on how to lend a helping heart to the recent unbelievable devastation in Haiti. I've decided that there's plenty to be done. I'm starting with a short term clothing/medical supply drive, initially housed at the High School where I coach dance.

In the works are a show, done by local poets and musicians, and hopefully an artists auction of independent designers jewelry, clothes, paintings and other goodies to create a fund to send for monetary contribution.

I figure it's a start from another direction for a place starting all over.


The eyes have it

My favorite feature on anyone is the eyes. You'll catch me doodling them all over my notepads and on the backs of flyers, on my hands, wherever I get the notion. As a result, I love eyeshadow! I am also on a budget, which means I usually go for whatever I can get my hands on for a reasonable price. Coastal Scents has a variety of makeup palettes that go upwards of 70 colors, and are reasonably priced around 20 buck a pop, plus shipping. I have the one shown above, and with a little bit of base, it goes a LOOOOOONG way in terms of color and staying power. I love it. Hope you do too!

BTW, this picture really doesn't do the colors justice, they are VIBRANT!