When you got that glow!

So, everyone's buzzing about Valentine's day. I'll give two perspectives on this day. Consider this Installation #1.

Look and feel your best on that day by doing some small things that'll make for a beautiful day inside and out!:

Drink plenty of water! (Of course, you already drink the prescribed 8 glasses a day...right?)

Get some fresh fruits and vegetables in your system as often as possible. The closer to the way they came out the ground, the better they are for you, AND they count towards your water intake, because you haven't cooked all the water out! Plus, you look great and feel light...no explanation necessary!

Stretch, do some yoga, run some stairs, in short, GET MOVING! No one wants to get to their special day and be stiff and achy, so move those muscles and let all that water you'll be drinkin' lubricate your joints and get your blood pumping. (Plus, exercise give you an AMAZING glow, like some other, *ahem*, extracurricular activities!)

Don't over-promise and under-deliver: Basically, don't set yourself up to do more than you can handle, it takes away from your experience if you're all cranky and tired because you waited until the night before to build a monument to your heart's desire in your front yard. (Extreme, yes, but you get the idea...)

Stay true to you. No need for an "Extreme Makeover: Valentine's Day Edition" to make your day memorable. A change in your fragrance, a new top, something subtle to enhance your already enchanting beauty.

Enjoy your day!


Madam b.Fly

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